Bar Association marketing regulations

Marketing law firms was rampant before the introduction of professional ethics regulations by the American Bar Association. According to ABA, marketing law firms portrayed a negative image to law as a profession. ABA was able to come up regulations to govern ways that lawyers market their firms without being unprofessional. Working as an independent body, ABA voluntarily creates laws that govern marketing of law firms and the same rules are implemented by lawyers who work for the organization on a temporary basis. Being an organization that is independent, it has experienced resistance by law firms who go to court to protest certain rules that they find threatening to their business.

Online Directories

Online directories are provided by websites of ABA such as to enable clients to search for lawyers and law firms without being influenced by advertisements or persuasion. Apart from providing directories of all the registered lawyers and their field of practice, they also rank them according to each of their experience and credentials. This tool is used to level the field for all the lawyers and law firms because it gives each firm an opportunity to market itself according to their experience and credentials. A client also has ample time to choose the right law firm without the firms selling themselves to him or her.

Attorney-Client Matching Services

This are used to give law firms an opportunity to get more audience online and increase their exposure in the process. Online marketing has been a subject of debate since its introduction and use in the law market. ABA clearly states its dissatisfaction at the use of internet to lure more clients to a given firm. Having seen the benefits of internet marketing, many law firms tend to disagree with ABA’s regulation of keeping off internet marketing. After a successful law suit, the Supreme Court of United States of America was able to legalize internet marketing.

According to ABA, allowing these services would cost clients more because the firms would want to increase their fees in order to compensate the amount they use in advertisements. The fact that the internet services are so effective is seen as a danger to the practice and the association argues that it might lure people to crowd in the law courses. ABA also believes that allowing internet marketing in the law business might cause poor service to certain clients because the firms will have gotten a very large number of potential clients.