Marketing for DUI Law Firms


Marketing is often a foreign language for attorneys, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s easy enough for consumer goods companies to sell products but selling legal services is much more difficult. When you’re dealing with services that are first of all expensive and second very important to a person it is much harder to rack in a larger consumer base. The biggest problem is how you’re going to stand out. There is almost no way that you could make your services special or different from any other lawyer. It takes a lot of luck and positive past experience to gain a larger customer base or good marketing. This is especially true for a lawyer just starting his practice. The old model was to work under a well known lawyer until you gained your own credibility and then perhaps become a partner or go out on your own, but lead generation services have changed that so most can start on their own right away. You see commercials, billboards, radio ads, and flyers for lawyers all over the place just like how any company tries to get noticed. Two other common marketing strategies are to create more customers and to target them at the source. Some DUI lawyers have worked with bars to sponsor happy hour parties while handing out their company card to create more customers. If a firm has to pay a bar $500 to host an event, it is well worth the overhead when they can get four new clients paying $1,500 per case. Some lawyers just spend time at bars handing out their cards or putting their ad on the bar coasters. One law firm had the idea of offering to provide clubs and bars with wristbands for free with their ad on them so long as they used them for their patrons. This tripled their business within 6 months because the first thing that drunk sees when they get pulled over is the DUI firms number on their wrist.

One of the most basic but most important forms on marketing today is through the internet. If your DUI law firm wants to keep ahead of its competitors, it must establish a comprehensive attorney internet marketing program, which should include search engine optimization, pay per click, web design, video marketing, and videos. If you can assemble these elements into a unified marketing strategy, you will soon find yourself with a steady stream of targeted online traffic to your DUI website. Search engines are the main information source these days. Over 165,000 online searches are performed each month for the term “DUI attorney” on Google alone. “DUI Lawyer” gets another 90,000 searches. Online marketing companies help your firm to come up first on search engines. This is a big deal considering that most people always click the first result first. Even if you’re only looking for a few more customers per month having a good marketing strategy can really boost your firm to the next level.

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